SoMi was founded with a mission to follow our passions towards creative and innovative initiatives that would support our compassion towards making a difference. 


Margarita Moksin      SoMi Founder & author of  "Mishka & Sofulya"  

Margarita Moksin
SoMi Founder & author of  "Mishka & Sofulya"  

Like many this story began with an inspiration of a dream. As an attorney and enterprenuer, for the past 12 years I've been a part of & exposed to a variety of different (big/small, for profit/non-profit, successful/stuck, holistic/disruptive, daring/stable) businesses. "What a great vehicle 'business' can be to make an impact and better define your purpose..." - I thought one day.

After all to contribute for the greater good an individual needs time and/or money. You can find time by appropriately prioritizing. You can find money by having a worthwhile idea and daring to take appropriate steps towards its progression. 

So here we are... 

Priorities - Check

Idea - Check, but in great need of honest feedback before mass production.  

We are forever grateful for your support!

Please check out Our Stories and our YouTube channel @SoMi_forward for more visual details.


Piotrek Antoniak
our super talented Mishka & Sofulya Book Series Illustrator

Florin Traila & Paul Druta    LINEO ENGINEERING      our dynamic Engineering Team

Florin Traila & Paul Druta

our dynamic Engineering Team

Mox is a project we love working on!

Since the beginning, we knew it would be a challenge to create a device that would improve the parent's life as well as the child's.

In developing MOX, we have in mind the famous saying - How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time!. This approach has always been successful to us.

Until MOX, our focus was on automotive products, but this project was an opportunity for us to do something different; something that allowed us to open our minds and develop with each obstacle that we faced and overcame.

 We are enthusiastic, patient, and believe that our hard work and effort has paid off as we created a smart product that makes parents lives easier with their kids.

We appreciate any feedback you have on MOX and also any ideas you might have about how to make it better!

                                                      Thank You!

                                                - The Engineers